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V66-Blood of Farren: Vol. 3 Domino

V66-Blood of Farren: Vol. 3


Published May 7th 2013
ISBN : 9781484915301
258 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jayden Farren, a shape shifting druid and member of the Druidic Order of Assassins, better known as the D.O.A. Jayden, Jordon, and Julian Farren, druid brothers, accompanied by blood cousins Moses and Leo, bound together by blood, murder, and mayhem. They are members of the Druidic Order of Assassins and have been killing evil druids for decades. Protecting humans and druids from the unknown evil that lurks, they kill any and everything that get in the way of their mission. Volume 3 picks up with the Farren clan seeking an entry to the realm of Spirit, the druid initiator. They find the map and key and discover it is held within the blood of two druids, Bonnie and Brexton Kaine. A brother and sister that test their patience, and pulls on one Farrens heart strings. The mayhem continues and the body count rises as they try to seek answers from the Druid Prophecy and avoid banishment to the Druid Interval. **Mature Content**Violent Content**