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My Path M.O. Kenyan

My Path

M.O. Kenyan

Kindle Edition
262 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When does love seize being enough? This is the question Gabriella struggles with when the love of her life turns into her tormentor. All Gabriella wanted to do was to go back home and work with her father on the ranch. But when she meets a young ranch hand she gets more incentive to stay on the hacienda. But her father has something else on his mind. He wants gabriella to be married to his bestfriends son, to merge the two families wealth. Falling in love and running away with Tony, her fathers ranch hand, was not in his plans. Feeling like she finally got her happily ever after, Gabriella doesnt expect Tony to turn on their love. The sweet romance soon turns violent and Gabriella considers going back home. Home seems to be the only place where things were normal and where her happiness existed. She goes through hell and back, escaping from home to be with the man she loves but only ends up going backhome to find her true happiness.